81000 Filter Element, Flareless (for AS33514 Applications)

With exact product specifications and design, Ejay Filtration makes it easy to find the filtration elements required for maximum performance. The 81000 Flareless Filter element designed for AS33514 aerospace applications is designed to provide the most efficient and effective filtration under strenuous conditions, and it is carefully tested to ensure it performs properly under stress. View the dimensions specified with each size and design to find the right fit for your application. Choose from standard 304 CRES materials or specify alternate materials to suit the process and equipment. To specify a size, design, filter area or another metric not listed, contact Ejay Filtration for more information on specialized customization.

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Standard Material:

  • 304 CRES, Alt Material Availability: 304L, 316, 316L, 347
  • Add “P” following main part number for passivation per AMS 2700
  • Add “SP” following main part number for all other passivation requirements

**Part Number Examples:  81000P-6-40  •  81000-8-17-316L**