85100 Welded Inline Filter Fittings

Ejay Filtration designs and manufactures precision filtration products including, strainers, restrictors, fuel filters and more to suit a variety of industries and applications. The miniature welded inline filter fittings are available in different designs with custom options to suit your needs and specifications. Choose the standard material for your fitting needs, specify an alternate material in your order or ask about further customization. Select the fitting end or port that suits your equipment and select the size and filtration tolerance for your application. Contact Ejay Filtration for more information on product specifications and customization.

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Aerospace Inline Filter Fittings

Standard Material: 304 CRES, Alt Mat’l Availablity: 304L CRES, 316 CRES, 316L CRES, 321 CRES, 347 CRES
Add “P” following main part number for passivation per AMS 2700
Add “SP” following main part number for all passivation requirements

Std. Fitting End / Port Availability:
B = MS33649 Port
C = Compression Fitting
D = AS4320 Straight Thd. Fitting
F = Face Seal
M = Male Pipe Thread
P = Female Pipe Thread
R = AS33514 Flareless Fitting
T = AS4395 Flared Fitting

Last three digits of main part number designate Hex Size

Part Number Example: 85175P-4MP-10-316 / 1 3/4″ Hex, 1/4-18 NPT Male, 1/4-18 NPT Female, 10 micron, 316 CRES, Passivated per AMS-QQ-P-35

Porous Metal Media Filtration Available in 0.2, 0.5, 2, & 5 Micron Nominal

Alternate Configurations and Engineering Assistance Available