Filter Disc Reversed Punch – 83000 / 83100

  • Ejay Filtration manufactures precision filtration products, restrictors, strainers and other items for demanding industries, including aerospace engineering. The Reversed Punch filter disc is made for the exact filtration needs of the aerospace industry, with customization options available to suit a variety of applications. Ejay Filtration uses specialized tooling processes to construct uniform filters with exceptional filtration for both liquids and gases. The Reversed Punch filter disc is made for the high demands of the aerospace industry, with the durability and performance required to optimize operations. With standard sizes and tolerances available, as well as customization options for the perfect fit. Contact Ejay Filtration to order or customize a filtration disc.

Aerospace Filter Disc – Reverse Punched

Part Number Definition Reinforced:  83000 – delta-1  –  Delta-2 – (matl)

Part Number Definition Non-Reinforced:  83100 – delta-1  –  Delta-2 – (matl)

Standard Material:

  • 304 CRES, Alt Material Availability: 304L, 316, 316L, 347
  • Add “P” following main part number for passivation per AMS 2700
  • Add “SP” following main part number for all other passivation requirements

**Part Number Examples:  83000P-625-40  •  83100-1.000-17-316L**

Discs are manufactured using special close tolerance tooling to assure uniformity
Never a tooling of setup charge for standard or reinforced discs
Discs are supplies deburred, ultrasonically cleaned and bulk packaged in sealed plastic bags
Standard diameters:  .093″ thru 1.500″, other sizes available
Other micron ratings and closer tolerances available.  Contact our Sales Dept.